Image of cat looking in mirror and reflecting lion

Image is Everything

Your professional image is important for success at work.  Your personal image is important for success at everything else.  Should these two images be the same?  Or, should your professional image be a reflection of your profession, and is it

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organization spark joy

Do Your Sales Efforts Spark Joy?

Marie Kondo, self-proclaimed queen of the phrase “does it spark joy?“ recently told the press that she has more or less abandoned her organizational missives due to the fact that her three children are now taking up all her time

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Woman runner preparing to run at starting line.

Prepare, Prepare!

Prepare, prepare, simultaneously one of my favorite hymns and sales concepts!  The lyrics in the hymn are spiritually-sage advise and the music is catchy – kinda like an earworm (the choir sang it in church on Sunday as we are

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sales call anatomy

Anatomy of a Sales Call

Dissecting a sales call is easy:  Actually performing the dissection is the hard part.  My advice:  First, use your head, then follow your heart, listen to your gut, and lastly, move your feet!   Engaging all parts of your anatomy will

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Storytelling - Purpose Story

Storytelling: Know Your Purpose

The Purpose of the Purpose Story Your customers might be excited about what you’re selling, and they might be excited how you are selling it, but would they be more excited if they know why you were selling it to

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One lonely canna blooming in a sea of green stems

Hotel Sales: “I Think I Canna”….

“I think I canna, I think I canna”….. Remember that childhood story about the little train that could?  The story was about teaching children to believe that they can do anything they set their mind to and conquer their fears

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Storytelling. Little Red Riding Hood and BB Wolf

Storytelling: Your ‘Once Upon A Time’ Story

In my previous blog Storytelling:  Salesmanship or Fantasy, we explored the Value Story for your company.  In this blog, we will continue to understand why the Founder’s Story is important and how entrepreneurs use story to attract money, customers, and

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open book with images of fantasy and storytelling

Storytelling: Salesmanship or Fantasy?

I have often suggested that great salespeople know and understand the value of storytelling in the sales process.  Do you actually know when to insert a story into the sales call?  Let’s explore the types of storytelling and when to

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Luck horseshoe on post

Luck or Hard Work?

Are successful people lucky? Or is their success a measure of hard work? Does hard work really matter anymore? One only has to look at industry news and lists of open positions to witness the sad fact that some people

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Time to check your Odometer reading 071717

Time: More than a Date on a Calendar

My family (specifically my Mom and I) have a recurring number.  It might be a time, it might be a date, but it just might also be a random succession of digits in a row.  Who knows?  Every time I

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