Linda Komornik
Welcome to The Roomer Mill – Don’t $ell The Steak, $ell The Sizzle!

The goal of my blog site is to provide information for hotel sales people, that will inspire them to refine their skills, share ideas, and learn a bit from my experience in the industry. I am a seasoned sales person and have been around the hospitality industry for many years, and circled the proverbial block a few times.  I’d like to think that I have sales in my blood, and while I am not totally convinced that I can sell you swamp land, I do think I can help you build a road map for success at your hotel.

My style is to always write from experience. This style, coupled with a few things I read about in my daily travels through the media and industry sites, I hope will make sense and provide value.  My goal is to cover hotel sales topics that inspire both the new sales person, as well as the not-so-new sales person.

Currently, I hold the position of Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing for Great American Hotel Group (GRAM), which is based in Dover, NH.  I’ve been with GRAM since 1995 (I was a mere child when I was hired).  I am fortunate to be a remote based associate, (I sold my snow blower when I left New England) and now live in Virginia Beach.  My experience spans many hotel/hospitality genres….. from administrative roles, back-of-the-house operations, front office, food and beverage, right through sales and marketing.  I have worked in a variety of venues for the past 35+ years, to include national sales offices, convention and visitor’s bureaus, corporate offices, restaurants, and on property operations.

You can find my blogs (and I hope you will) via The Roomer Mill, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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