Add A Call To Action To Everything You Do

It might seem like a simple concept, but people are more likely to do something if you specifically ask them. Add the words ‘please retweet’ to the end of your tweets. Include ‘Like us on Facebook’ on your Facebook page, and add things like ‘Please comment below’ to the bottom of your blog posts. Take an example: Worthwhile Things is a regular poster on Connect and started including a short call to action underneath each posting asking for recommendations. Within the first 30 minutes 2 recommendations were posted. You can’t argue with results like that!

A “Call To Action” is not only important in social media and technology circles – but is the basic tenet in the sales scenario. I cannot fathom a sales situation where they sales person did not ask the customer for their business!

Every piece of collateral, every communication, every package/promotion/special offer must have a call to action. If you do not ask the customer for their business/input/ideas, you will not get their business/input/ideas.

You may say, ‘it is not appropriate in some communications to ask for the business’. A call to action is not necessarily a request to purchase something. It may be as simple as the above tip…. “Like us on Facebook”, “Pin This”, “Please share your comments”, “I’d like to visit you next week. Would Thursday at 1 pm be convenient?”. Call to action statements are simply a situation where the customer has to do more than say yes or no…..they need to do something!

Double check all your sales letters and cover sheets for information, and contracts. Do you have a call to action? If not, let’s revise your letters. I’d be happy to read your letters and make suggestions if you would like me to do so!

Happy asking!


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