Are You Laboring On Labor Day?

Are you “laboring” on Labor Day? If you are a summer or resort destination, this is typically the last hurrah of the season and you are indeed nose to the grindstone! Patience and fortitude, September is that light at the end of the tunnel.

If you are a suburban or city destination, then you are about to get ready to get out of the summer doldrums and enter normalcy. On your mark, get set, go!

Congratulations to all of you – you are all turning pivotal corners!

Given these thoughts, it is important to re-inspire your teams. It is my hope that once this long weekend is over, that you get your staff back on track with a positive message about the merits of hard work as well as your own personal support and enthusiasm for the company’s mission. Leading by example, and setting personal goals is paramount. In order to see them through, divide goals up into smaller objectives that can be easily tracked and accomplished within a couple hours. Big broad goals can be incredibly intimidating, which can lead to procrastination and tunnel vision. Segregating large undertakings into more readily doable tasks actually helps you to better envision the long term and makes the task less daunting. Get the map out and reset your strategies so that the last quarter of 2013 is the best ever.

So, let’s treat Labor Day as yet another pseudo-New Year’s Day. Wherever you are this weekend, take some time and reflect on what you hope to accomplish for the remaining four months of the year. Then once you are back, go about organizing your day and forming a game plan so your goals are actually achievable.

Happy laboring or happy getting ready to labor!


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