Be Your Customer’s Customer

“Need to buy a gift? Think about your customer network and be creative – you could purchase a product, schedule a service or even get a gift card. This is a great way to show support for your customers and build better personal connections.”

Ever heard the term “what goes around, comes around”?  I am a firm believer of that phrase!

I think it is a great idea to utilize our customers’ businesses as often as we can – providing the price is right and they do good work of course.  If you are soliciting a new business in your neighborhood…. a new retail or food outlet is the perfect example…. it makes great sense to make their information available for your guests’ convenience.  Link them to your website, build a package, and add them to your concierge book information.  Go back and reread my blog “Howdy Partner”!

New businesses, renovating businesses are great sources of room nights and training as well.  Corporate travelers, inspectors, trainers, and contractors need to make visits to the project – and they have to stay somewhere!  What about job fairs – do you have a meeting room that can be used for the new business to do their hiring?

How many of us have also contacted the vendors who provide services to our hotel and asked them for their business.  Companies such as security, pest control, food distribution, banking, office supplies, laundry supplies, lawn care, plumbing, utilities, legal services, snow removal, etc. would be great places to prospect.  Get the company representative/sales person for each company to introduce you to the person responsible for scheduling travel or planning meetings.  Talk about a great lead referral!

Happy networking!


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