"Big Game" Starting Line-Up

“Big Game” Starting Line-Up

The “Big Game” weekend is about to unfold.

“Big Game” parties have been planned, invitations are out, game colors are washed and ready to wear, shopping and preparation for the game-day spread are done, and people are looking forward to cheering for their favorite team!  Some fans actually care about the two teams playing, some will gather for the camaraderie, and others will watch just want to see the commercials.  Whatever reasons – most fans look forward to the “Big Game” weekend because it is the long-awaited championship game that will end football season and set our sites on spring.

For teams to be successful…. to make it to the Big Game…. they must focus on one mission.  They must work together, they must support each other, and they must be able to perform as one.  Each of the teams in this weekend’s championship has accomplished these goals and I am confident that the game will be exciting and fun to watch.

In our industry, leadership and teamwork are paramount to success.  

Hotel owners scout and recruit professional management companies to lead their teams to the championship.  Owners are looking for a team with tenure and experience – someone who has been in the industry and has proven skill.  They are looking for a team with professional chemistry, whose experience crosses positions – team players who can “plug and play” at any position at any time during the game.  They are looking for a team with an established playbook, filled with tried and true strategies, that will make their hotel successful and a hotel that is always in the “Big Game.”

Great American Hotel Group is such a team.  Our core staff has been together for an average of 19.6 years.

Our playbook is three-fold:  Serve our guests; serve our associates; and serve our clients.  To accomplish our mission, we must be like the teams vying for a spot in the “Big Game”.  We must (and do) work together and support one another.  We must (and do) like each other and play well together.  And we must have professional chemistry and be able to fill in for one another at a moment’s notice with the same degree of skill and acumen (we do).

One of our company pillar’s is “people buy from people they know and like”.  When a team works well together they produce superior results.  Does your team work well with their leadership?  Do they like their leaders?  Do you as an owner like your above property leadership?

Would you like to have your hotel in the championship “Big Game?”  If so, let’s discuss how our playbook can benefit your hotel.

Happy “Super” Weekend!


Great American Hotel Group Line-Up

(In order of  tenure)

"Big Game" Head Coach - Dave Akridge

Dave Akridge, President, is one of the co-founders of the company.  Partnering with Doug Greene in 1990 they created GAP Management to lead hotels for third-party owners and developers.  Ocean Hospitalities, Inc. was the sequel to GAP  Management and today, Great American Hotel Group has evolved into a strong hotel company with diverse experience.

"Big Game" Defensive Line Coach - Suzanne Baele
Corporate Director of Human Resources

Suzanne Baele, Corporate Director of Human Resources joined Ocean Hospitalities/Great American Hotel Group in 1994.  Her tenure with the company includes a vast skill-set, including not only human resources, recruiting, and employee relations, but operations as well.

"Big Game" Offensive Line Coach - Linda Komornik
Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing

Linda Komornik, Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing, joined Ocean Hospitalities, Inc./Great American Hotel Group team in 1996.  Her experience focuses on Sales & Marketing strategy development and mentorship, but also encompasses operations and food/beverage.

"Big Game" Special Teams Coach - Gabrielle Smith
Corporate Controller

Gabrielle Smith, Corporate Controller joined Ocean Hospitalities, Inc./Great American Hotel Group in 1997.  Her primary focus is financial, but also supports operational teams.

"Big Game" Line Coach - Rob Greene
Regional Director of Operations

Rob Greene, Regional Director of Operations, joined Ocean Hospitalities, Inc./Great American Hotel Group in 1997.  He has served in a property General Manager capacity and focuses on the operations of our properties.

"Big Game" Equipment Manager - Candy Grimbilas
Executive Assistant

Candy Grimbilas, Executive Assistant keeps us all together.  She joined Ocean Hospitalities, Inc./Great American Hotel Group in 1999 and lends her operational expertise to the efficient running of the office and our liaison with legal.  She maintains the database and warehouse of company documents.

Diana Fowler, Accounts Payable (pictured in the cover image – right) has been with our company since 2002.  She provides both corporate and property accounting support.

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