Body Language

Body Language. Getting The Upper Hand In Sales

Your body language is an important and integral piece of the salesmanship puzzle.  The right body language will exude confidence. (Please watch this Ted Talk about Body Language and it’s role in the sales process.)  The wrong body language will put off buyers and send the wrong message.  It’s not all about what we say, but how we present ourselves while we talk.

Body language can be learned at a very young age as witnessed in this viral video (click the link here).  This cute little girl has associated talking on the phone with the need to mimic another human and while it makes us laugh, could affect her as she gets older and depending on her chosen career or path, could influence her perceived image.  How are we guiding and mentoring youth in our families, in our schools through public speaking, and in our workplaces?

Role play and video are great ways to evaluate your body language.  Set up your webcam or work with a partner and video yourself giving your 30-second elevator pitch.  Go back and watch it and evaluate your hands, eye contact, body position, etc.  If you don’t believe you, how can you improve?  If you look overbearing and closed off, how can you improve?  Discuss the examples used in the Ted Talk (above) and re-record yourself giving the same pitch but using your hands in a different manner.  Use your daily stand up or huddles to talk about body language and the importance of a smile and eye contact.  This is important to all sales persons in the hotel…. from GSRs to back-of-the-house associates who have customer contact.  Discuss the role of their hands… are they warm and welcoming or closed and dictatorial?  Practice shaking hands!

A while back, I wrote a blog on Body Language.  Many of the points are still very valid and I hope you will go back and reread the blog.

With all the competition between hotels, sometimes the simplest thing will make a difference in winning the sale.  Add these tips to your toolbox and warm up your pitch.  Starting the contest on an even playing field is paramount.

Happy reaching for the stars!


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