Bust Through Mental Blocks

Stuck in a rut trying to think of new ideas? Host a brainstorming session with employees, friends or family to help you through a mental block. Getting together with a group will not only help you generate creative solutions, but it can also help you sort through and evaluate which ideas are best. 

Do you have good ideas for packages and promotions for your hotel? If you have – you haven’t shared them with me! It is June 19th – the first of 3 months of summer – do any of our properties have summer promotions? Are you thinking about ‘back to school’ now? How about Thanksgiving?

Why are we not preplanning our sales attack on the market? Do you have your marketing plan handy and your calendar of events at your fingertips? What is going on in your area that brings people to town? Are you building packages or promotions with these events in mind? Are you soliciting groups and letting those from out of the area know what is going on in your community that might be of interest to those attending meetings? Don’t you think that if there was something fun going on in your community that a meeting attendee might bring his family along on the trip and tack on some personal R&R?

Are you thinking out of the box?  (Why is every sentence in this blog a question?)

Happy brainstorming!


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