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Creating a Social Strategy and Social Calendar for Social Media Posts

Several of our portfolio hotels employ a company for social media postings.  Some of you do your postings in-house.   And, some hotels I am responsible for your social media.  No matter the vehicle, it is imperative that whoever is doing your social media posting thinks logically, has a written social media plan and creates an organized calendar of what and when to post. Being organized helps your page feel purposeful, and not “random” or heavy in one type of post versus another.

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Open your eyes and develop a social media plan.

Our friends at Pipeline Social Media Solutions recently published 2 great blogs on the benefits of using a social strategy and social calendar. Blending marketing, informational, creative, funny, and sales focused posts into one cohesive strategy is very important in order to keep the interest of your followers.  Too much repetitive content will breed boredom and (goodness forbid) “unlikes”, “unfollows”, “blocks” or “deletes”!

If you are in the market to hire a company, I highly suggest you do your homework.  Look at the potential company’s current work. Look at THEIR social media and see if it fits your style and culture.  Ask for references.  I (personally) suggest that you check out Pipeline. They have been a true friend of Great American Hotel Group for many years and they have a great team of dedicated professionals who will work with you to create an image for your hotel.  Call Leslie Wilkins at (678-814-4601) and let her know “Linda sent you”!

To summarize the points in the two linked Pipeline blogs,

Develop a Social Strategy
  • Respond to reviews
  • Identify your audience and their interests
  • Identify your FAQs
  • Check your schedule.  If you can’t dedicate a few hours a week – you can’t do it yourself
  • Identify what makes you different from the other hotels in your market
  • Know what people are saying about you
  • Create a social calendar
  • Start slowly – don’t jump into all the social medias at once – pick one or two and do them right
  • Plan and promote in advance
  • Make sure you are not 100% hard sell

Develop a Social Calendar

  • Identify current trends in the industry and talk about the trend and how your hotel is following/avoiding
  • Talk about what makes your hotel stand out in the sea of sameness
  • Talk about improvements to your hotel with timeframes
  • Identify and promote upcoming important dates or promotions
  • Talk about holidays, marketing or giveaway opportunities
  • Do surveys
  • Market your website
  • Introduce, promote or congratulate your employees.  Are there any post-worthy employee dates coming up?

It is suggested that post frequency follow the following guidelines:

Promote business services 5 times per month
Do employee updates 3 times per month
Post updates in your field 3 times per month
Post business blog articles 2 times per month
Post “awesome” customer reviews 4 times per month
Post links to your business website 4 times per month
Ask for books 3 times per month

Whatever you decide.  Just make sure you (or your social media company) understand the culture of your brand and posting guidelines. Social media is an extension of your sales and marketing.  It needs to be part of your plans and you need to be comfortable telling your clients and potential clients to “check it out.”

Happy social media planning!


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