“Darn Good Advice” If I Do Say So Myself

I got a notification today that someone had “liked” one of my blog posts.  Just for giggles and to stroke my own ego because someone outside my company read my stuff, I went back and reread the blog.  It was originally published in 2013.  As I was reading http://theroomermill.net/who-are-you-and-what-have-you-done-with-my-sales-person/ I decided that even after 3 years it was worthy of republishing given the fact that there was just so much darn good advice in the blog (if I do say so myself) and a good article from my favorite blogger Larry Mogelonsky to boot.

So, what was such darn good advice?

Well, first, it reinforced my (now three) sales mantras:

“People buy from people they know and like – so be likable.”

“Develop an individual property identity based on corporate culture.”


“Build relationships with your customers.   Stand out from the crowd.”

Second, it talked about the sales process and using your Sales and Marketing Plans as roadmaps.

(By now I sure hope you clicked on the link above and reread the blog and article.  If not, scroll up and read it.  Trust me, it will be worth the five minutes.) (Additional Darn Good Advice.)

Lastly, it was a good reminder that the second and third quarters of any year are the meat and potatoes of our selling strategies!

So what are you waiting for?  Have you taken any of my darn good advice?  Are you visiting clients regularly (at least four times a year)?  Do your clients know you by name?  Have you opened your Sales & Marketing Plan lately?

Happy Taking My Advice!


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  1. Spot on Linda!!! It works….seems like we get wrapped up in so many daily list that we sometimes forget.
    Your blogs are great reminders and motivators.

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