Develop Your Brand Voice

“Are you using the same “brand voice” each time you make a social post?
Switching between a casual tone and professional tone may cause customers to
question what your business stands for. Keeping consistent in the tone and
language of your social posts will help to maintain a stable image for your company.”

We’ve discussed your property identity in past blogs, in one-on-one conversations, and as part of the development of your sales and marketing plans. This sales tip is a good reminder and extension of our strategy goals.

Consistency is the key factor here….. keeping your voice on the same tone and level will help our customers recognize us in both print media, social media, and blogging. Design your written correspondence, ad copy and communication to fit your plan, your hotel and your personality.

For example, if you are a corporate hotel in a major city – your tone should befit that environment. You probably wouldn’t want to use cartoons on your flyers or collateral, or casual language or abbreviations in your written correspondence – LOL!

If you are a beach resort, try crafting your written words in that casual, comfortable tone, using adjectives that fit your hotel, photography and pictures that entice your guests to your area.

If you are a surburban hotel that dabbles in “a little bit of everything” kind of business, then the right mix of casual and professional is your goal.

In any case, keep your tone consistent through all forms of correspondence and media. This should be part of your property identity strategies in your marketing plan! What, you don’t have a plan? Then this is the perfect time to get yourself on the right path….. take time to write down key words, phrases, and concepts that you want to make part of your plan and weave them through everything you do!

Happy Crafting!


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