Do A Mid Year Review

Now that 2012 is half over, sit down and review where you are. Ask yourself:

Are you on your way to meeting the goals you set?
Where do adjustments need to be made?
What next steps do you need to take?

Truly assessing how you measure against your yearly goals will help you finish the year strong.

It’s that time of year when I am going to bombard you with emails, blogs, phone calls and reminders that time is running out on the year! Who would of thought time flies by so fast and that it was already July, 2012? Pretty soon it will be the Holidays/End of the Year and we will be scurrying to make sure we are going to meet our numbers.

Use your time NOW to double check your roadmap! Catch up on any activities you had planned. Make adjustments to your strategies NOW! You should be thinking about rate positioning for the Fall and Winter NOW! What rates are you selling to group (and everyone)? Have you developed your holiday packaging and menus? Contact your best customers now to assure them that your meeting room is available for their holiday gathering! What about holiday cards and gifts? Being proactive and thinking about these things NOW will only benefit you down the road (availability of products you want and ‘early bird’ costs savings for example). Do you have money left in your budget for additional sales collateral, sales trips, client events? Have you completed all your necessary brand training?

Integrate the Sales Action Plan strategies that you developed last year, with the knowledge you have acquired during the first half of 2012 NOW! Are you doing better than planned or worse? If worse, it’s the catch up hour! If better, then prime yourself for a banner year!

Happy Holidays!


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