Do You Notice When Customers Leave?

Caring about your customers is an important aspect of creating customer loyalty, and that includes when they stop spending. Pay attention when a regular customer doesn’t come back. Reach out letting them know you have noticed they’re missing and you want them back. Understanding why they left can be a valuable lesson. That emotional connection keeps you top of mind and helps your customers feel more connected to you.

No, I am not talking about when they leave your hotel after a stay….. I am referring to when they don’t come back!

When was the last time you reviewed your Top Producer’s Report?  What about your Market Segment Reports?  Do you know who is in your hotel on any given night/week?  If you are not reviewing these reports regularly, you also won’t know who is NOT staying in your hotel!  How long has it been since XYZ had a guest stay in the hotel?  Is your LNR customer performing up to the expectation of the contract?

If we are not performing regular check-ups with our corporate and LNR customer base then we leave the door open for our competition to share shift business from our hotel to their hotel!  Make sure you trace even your best customers to call on at least monthly!  Visiting them at least quarterly and letting them know that you appreciate their business is just a good best practice for account maintenance!

This is also important for SMERF business.  What about the reunion groups who meet annually or teams who compete in the same tournaments every year?  When you are booking them this year, automatically set up a trace in your system for this time next year!  Then you will be able to stay just one step ahead of the other hotels and show these planners that you are organized, professional and hungry for their business!

Happy Reviewing!


P.S.  Don’t forget that a “Perfect Stay” ends with the GSR asking if they can make the guest’s reservation to return!

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