Fourth Quarter Strategy: What’s Your Plan?

While baseball season is almost over (sad face), football season is just beginning – and so it’s time to change my sports analogies. Thus, the title of this blog.

Are you ready for some football?

The fourth quarter – October, November and December – brings a few of the most important revenue generating months together under one umbrella. It is now September – time to get our game plans finalized, our product and collateral prepared, and our feet out on the sidewalk hawking our wares.

What are you selling? Do you have a Halloween package? Do you have a Thanksgiving package? Do you have a Black Friday or Cyber Monday package? How about Christmas/Hanukah/New Year’s Eve/Day packages? Do you have a football package? Do not tempt the referee to throw his/her flag for “delay of game”….. get your team strategizing today on what your hotel is going to offer and get out there selling it to your fans!

Happy busting tackles and gaining yards!


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