Going Organic When Writing Your Sales & Marketing Plan

“….Yearly marketing plans should be all about strategy — where you see your department or the whole property in one, two, five and 10 years. The focus should be branding and the very essence of what currently makes your hotel great and what you aspire to be. An annual marketing plan is brief and broad, leaving the day-to-day tactics to the manager’s discretion and best judgment — organic, as they say….” ~ Excerpt from blog by Larry Mogelonsky

A balanced approach, that is what “going organic” means to me when it comes to writing a sales and marketing plan. All you need to know is that you are keeping pace with new research, resources and channels that will help you reach your target audiences.

Sales and Marketing plans are not permanent documents – they are ever changing. Think them as your road map and any changes to the plan as GPS updates. We just need a good base with clearly defined turn-by-turn directions. (The big BUT), we also do need contingency plans should suddenly there is be a roadblock or detour along the route.

Be brief but not incomplete! As Mr. Mogelonsky notes, writing too detailed of a plan leaves no room to breathe or be organic. Yearly marketing plans should be all about the strategy. Our focus should be on property identity, branding and what makes your hotel sellable versus your competition. The biggest challenges will be to be able to react to changes precipitated by unforeseen plans or special events. This is where your “organic-ness” comes into play. This is where you put on your turn signal and allow yourself the opportunity to change lanes should the traffic warrant. If you do this successfully, you should then be able to cruise down a wide open highway!

(Egad, all these analogies.)

Happy traveling!


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