Great Service Or Legendary Service? Which Do You Provide Your Customers?

Recently I read an article (I say this every time I start a blog, don’t I?).

The story was about a customer who was impressed with his phone sales person.  The sales person was efficient, she knew her products, if she didn’t have it she found it, she was friendly, she did what she said she was going to do – when she was going to do it, she had great follow-up skills, etc.

She was a GREAT sales person.  And, he is a loyal customer.

As it happened one day, this GREAT sales person called the author of the article, and out of the blue – she said, “I think I can save you some money without compromising your phone service – may I come see you.” Of course, she came by – and of course, he accepted the offer – and of course, they saved money on their phone plan.

The boss was happy, and the accountant was happier!

After the transaction, the author of the article relayed the story to his boss, and how happy he was with her service.  The boss then asked him, “so, if another purveyor offered to come by to show us how we could save (another) $500 off a similar product, would you take the meeting?”

The author didn’t even have to think – he said, “NO, never”.  He was a happy, loyal customer.

The fact that this person was not willing to risk his sales relationship with his GREAT sales person, makes her more than GREAT, it makes her a LEGENDARY sales person!

Which one are you?  Will your loyal clients entertain another offer for a piece of business?  Do they shop around?  Would they tell another hotel’s sales person, “sorry, I only do business with XXX over at the XXX hotel!  He/She is the best!”

Providing information and giving price quotes are the fundamentals of salesmanship.  Going above and beyond, maintaining relationships, and making sure that you are making financially responsible decisions, not only for your hotel, but for your customer as well, takes it a step further.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I am all for securing the best price for the business and never leaving money on the table; however, calling a customer to let them know that if they would like to save some “green stuff” on their next event, and letting them know WHEN you can give them the best pricing is just one step towards a mutually rewarding sales/customer relationship!

What can you do for your customers that will make you a LEGENDARY sales person?

Happy going above and beyond!


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