Help Search Engines Find You

Use your business’ keyword phrases in blog posts to help search engines find you.
The most important phrases should be used within the first three words of your titles.
Also, be sure to include a keyword phrase about every 100 words.
These small steps can make a big impact on your search rankings and get more traffic to your blog.

Keeping your website verbiage fresh should be a key strategy for every hotel in the Great American Hotel Group portfolio. Every month, you should be logging into your website and making modifications to your descriptions, marketing messages, and sales opportunities. (Notice that I said modifications instead of changes! You don’t have to “change” things, you just have to freshen your approach.)

By doing this simple task – even if it is just rearranging the sentences in a different order, updating a key word here and there, or adding a fresh marketing message, you increase your visibility and search-ability on the world wide web by leaps and bounds! Do you have key words? (Do you even know those key words?)

Don’t believe me? Create a test. Go to Google Alerts and set up a daily alert for your hotel to come to your email address. Go into your website and change it up. Then wait and see if you get an “alert”. If you do – then you have been successful! Try searching for your hotel using key words. For example, you have an event in your city as a key word in your SEO program (i.e. “leaf peeping in Boston area”), Google that phrase and see if your hotel appears as part of the search results. If it does, then use this phrase in your website verbiage or marketing message headlines and it should improve your positioning!

Take time NOW to schedule yourself for the next website update and/or modification. Write it in your calendar book or enter it as a “recurring” event in your digital calendar program for a specific day for the next year! Make time for these all important visibility tasks…. it will make it easier for your customers and potential customers to find you!

Happy searching!


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