How Do I Get There And How Do I Get Back?

Recently, my colleague happened upon the above poster, inside the elevator of a hotel.


What a GREAT idea!

I don’t advocate that we duplicate this particular poster’s style, but the premise follows a suggestion I made many months ago about QR codes and making sure they are on all of your collateral pieces, posters, and marketing. This example takes the value of the QR code a step further (and it might free up that drawer full of printed directions at the front desk and save a tree or two)!

My suggestion is that you professionally create a small poster with directions and pictures to the most popular area attractions and sites and TASTEFULLY produce a framed poster for your elevator. (Make sure you follow brand standards!) Add a QR code with instructions on how to scan, and voilá !

There are many FREE QR code creator programs out in cyperland right now. Simply Google “how to create QR code” and follow the simple directions. Users will just need to have an app on their phone to scan the QR code and it is as easy as 1-2-3. Make sure you test the codes you create before you add them to collateral or displays!

While you are at it, add QR codes to all your direction sheets to all local sites at the front desk. Many smart phone users will appreciate this task so they can then pull them up on their phones and use GPS to get them where they want to go.

Happy QR coding!


QR Linda

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