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Want More Sales? Partner with Other Business Owners

It can be tough to find ways to increase sales when resources seem scarce. Great news — some of the most effective methods to get more customers can be the simplest. Partner with other business owners that provide complimentary services to yours. You promote them, they promote you and your customers get an extra value-added bonus they can’t get anywhere else. It’s a win all the way around.

It is such a great idea for hotels to partner with local “complementary” services – and those partnerships should breed a natural segue into almost every sales conversation and situation! This is especially important to our select and limited services hotels who just don’t have the facilities and/or manpower to compete with the big full-service box hotels.

Customer – “Our group is coming to your area for a meeting. Our plans are to reserve 10 rooms for each night and utilize your meeting room during the day. The group will be on their own for all meals and for evening entertainment.”

Sales Person – “Great – thank you. I’ll prepare the agreement noting all your details. I would be happy to send you some information regarding our local partner restaurants and their special offers so your guests are familiar with what is popular in our area and can make their plans.”

Now, you’ve given the customer a service AND promoted your partner. These partnerships should be perceived as added amenities to your hotel.

The most important thing in this whole partnership arrangement
is that you cross link your services with all of your partners.

You will improve your hotel’s SEO opportunities by cross linking on websites. When searching for your hotel, cross linked partner information will be listed….and vice versa. When someone is searching for your partner and their services, you should appear in their search results. For example, if you are partnered with a banquet facility that hosts wedding receptions, when a potential bride searches “wedding venues” in your geographic market, your hotel should ideally come up in the search mix – even if you can’t actually facilitate the wedding in your hotel. Your part in the mix is to provide the overnight accommodations and if you have a smaller room – maybe the rehearsal dinner or after wedding brunch. The bride may not know you exist!

It is also very important with whom you choose to partner. Partners should complement your hotel’s level of service, pricing and demographic. If you are a five star hotel in an urban environment, you may not want to link to a low tier or fast food restaurant. You probably should link to restaurants in the mid- to upper-scale sectors. Likewise, if you are a family hotel in non-demand area, link to budget-conscious vendors and activities for kids. Evaluate what customers of your hotel may want or need during their stay and approach those potential partners!

Happy partnering!


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