I Love My Red Sox!

I Love My Red Sox!

There is nothing that warms my heart more than “opening day” of Major League Baseball.  And today, I am a very happy girl.

This morning I woke up, donned my Red Sox shirt and Boston hoodie and ate my ceremonial “B” tattooed toast.  Yes, I am a Red Sox Fan.

While my Red Sox didn’t get to play as planned today (postponed until tomorrow at 1:30 pm because of cold and rain in Cleveland), it really didn’t matter – because today is still opening day for many teams.

I have been counting down the days since last October, closely following Spring Training, player progress, and all activities at both Fenway and Fenway South!  I even celebrated Truck Day.

OK – so why is it important that I blog about my love for the Red Sox and the fact that I eat Red Sox toast?

Because it’s about the marketing!

What did you celebrate with your clients today?  When you made prospecting calls or went out to visit a customer today, what was your theme and how did it tie into your hotel’s culture?  Did you celebrate “National Walk to Work Day” by taking your customer on a walk while meeting?

Because I got your attention by celebrating something different!

Did your city’s team have opening day today?  If so, did you use it as a conversation starter?

Oh, and by the way, I will be watching Fever Pitch tonight, eating a Fenway Frank and enjoying a cold beverage!

Happy hitting home runs!  Happy Red Sox Opening Day!


Fenway Park
I Love My Red Sox!

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