Image Is Everything

A key part of building your brand is promoting a polished and consistent image.
Your image is reflected in everything that represents your business – logo, business card, packaging, tag-line, etc.
To make a lasting impression, be sure every aspect of your marketing strategy
mirrors that image in design, color and overall appearance.

In the past, I have encouraged each of our hotels to come up with individual property identities that mirror brand culture. Most of you have done this and developed meaningful, creative phrasing that can be incorporated into your overall marketing and sales strategies. Some of you have not taken on this task.

Today’s “Tip of the Day” reinforces the premise that our strategy phrasing needs to make sense and be woven into everything from ads, brochures, sales letters, flyers, packages, and images that are used in promoting your hotel. How do you sell your hotel to make it stand out in the crowd of similar products in your market? By “thinking” before speaking, you assure that you and your colleagues are walking the talk.

Salesmanship is a reflection of you; your property image is a reflection of you. Do you want to be remembered as “beige” or are you willing to be noticed? Make sure that your property identity is part of everything you do at your hotel. If you don’t yet have a concept – brainstorm with your colleagues today! Get noticed!

Happy imaging!


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