Just How Cold Are You?

While many of us are suffering through the Arctic chill that has plagued our nation this week, we need to remember that warm sunshine, Spring Break, President’s Day, and Valentine’s Day are just around the corner. So plug in your “happy lights” and try to think “what do my customers want from me/hotel next month!” and get busy designing or resurrecting your packages, promotions, and/or order those “Spring has Sprung” gifts that you will take out on your maintenance call appointments!

If you peruse my old blogs from the “snapshot” page you will find quite a few entries that describe simple promotional ideas for you and your team. One of my favorites is the tried and true “Grow Your Business With Us” type of promo. This typically involves some sort of a small decorative flower pot (preferably with your hotel info on it), a seasonal flower inserted, and a campy little message from you. Deliver it first quarter with a “winter” plant, second quarter – bring a “spring” plant (and change out the old one), third quarter – bring a “summer” plant, and lastly, fourth quarter – bring a “fall” plant. Each plant, message and collateral you bring to your customer should dream weave your property identity statement, cultural brand message, and your incentive to them to keep their business with you. Add any specials or promotions to the packet and voila! you have the meat and potatoes for a great sales call! (Spoiler Alert: Make sure you have money allocated in your budget for this task!)

So go back and look for ideas in blogs with titles like: Black Friday Packages, Packages and Promotions, Packages/Deals and Promotions, and Summer Doldrums, and Think Spring. There are several good ideas incorporated into these blogs.

If you have a great idea…. why don’t you share it with me!

Happy Let’s Think Warm Day!


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