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No Great Future Without Great Hope

The months of November and December are important times for those of us in the hotel business.  From an operations perspective, it is the time when we traditionally assess our year’s business and plan/budget for the upcoming year.  For the sales department, we typically look at our sales strategies and prepare for the following year.  Sales will also assess and renegotiate local contracts.  All of these tasks take research, analysis, and a lot of hard work, leaving little time to actually “enjoy” the season.

The holidays can be times of (either) hectic business, or a time when things start to slow a bit.  In either case, we all know our teams are working hard, and, in most cases, are wearing multiple hats.  We continue to thank our teams for the incredible jobs they are doing.  Despite all the odds, we see you looking adversity in the face and denying it the chance to beat you.  Your hard work is not without recognition and notice.

We also see what you are giving to your owners, your teams, and your properties.  Your numbers are proof that ‘you might be small, but you are mighty!’  Thank you for giving in the spirit of hospitality.

As the subject of this blog references “hope”, I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes,

"When the world says give up, Hope whispers, try one more time.

Thank you for keeping the spirit of hope alive.  We are all hopeful that the predicted trends for our industry actually come to fruition and that our business travel segments start to improve over the next months.  We continue to be hopeful that we can lure passionate associates to join our teams and learn why we love the hospitality business and taking care of our customers.

While the holidays may be a challenge for all of us, with people taking time off and leaving our leaders to shoulder the burdens, please know that we are all here for you and are partners in your operations.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us over these times and to foster the spirit of thanks, giving, and hope to your teams.

Happy hoping,


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