Listen! What Are Your Customers Saying To You?

Make sure you know how your customers are feeling by holding feedback sessions every six months.

Meeting with your major customers will help you uncover the good and bad experiences they’re having with your products or services.

Take that information and make a realistic plan of action.

Becoming a better listener can help you make positive changes and improve your business relationships. Through this, your customers know you are invested in their feedback. This makes your relationship stronger and encourages them to promote your business.

“Can you hear me now?”

I think this catch phrase from the Verizon commercials was once stuck in everyone’s mind. Yes, it was mildly annoying…. but we remember it, right?

We all have also probably imitated that commercial in one way or another.

But, is the phrase really about whether or not you can hear someone’s voice because the signal is good – OR is this a double entendre question for, “are you actually listening to me?”

I think it is both. To me, it is a clever commercial because it reminds me of when I was a kid. I know my parents often barked a similar phrase (often) to my brothers and sisters (I was an angel perfect child) when they were ignoring their requests!

It is our job as sales people to listen to what the customer is saying to us. That doesn’t mean that we just sit back and nod our heads or agree for the sake of agreeing. It means that we listen and think! Ask questions when you want clarification. There is no harm in letting your customer know you don’t understand what he is asking from you. Would you rather take a chance and do what you THINK he wants and get it wrong, or would you rather do it right the first time?

Take your time when you are on the phone or meeting face-to-face with your customers. Take notes, ask questions, develop a rapport and I assure you, your customer will react in a positive manner because you are professional enough to LISTEN!

(By the way – this technique works with your boss and your staff too!)

Happy Listening!


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