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Love Is In The Air. Or Is It?

The Beatles say “All You Need Is Love”.  John Paul Young says “Love Is In The Air”.  The Captain and Tennille say “Love Will Keep Us Together”.  It really doesn’t matter how we define Love or why it works – we just need to create a “Love Story” for our guests and help our loyal customers feel “The Power of (our) Love”  especially in February – the month of “Love Actually”.

So, what’s a salesperson to do to generate “Endless Love” between the customer and our “Love Shack”?  Creating this “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” is more than coming up with a romance package; it’s all about crafting a sales environment showing our customers “How Deep Is Your Love”.  So how are you going to create something that will demonstrate whether the potential guest(s) “Can Feel The Love Tonight”?

Love Is In The Air

The first thing we need to prove is that we are not just coming up with “Silly Love Songs” “To Make You Feel My Love”“Love Takes Time” and proving that your hotel has a “Whole Lotta Love” needs to be part of a strategy that is sincere and  the “Best of My Love”.  First, we must create a package, promo or special that ensures that “I Will Always Love You” and not leave the customer asking “Is This Love?”.  Then, we pick up the phone or use social media to get the word out and tell the customer “I Just Called To Say I Love You”.

The competition will be ferocious as “Love Is A Battlefield”.  Everyone will be saying “I Think I Love You” to your customers, and to win the business we need to make sure that “You Make Loving Fun” and reinforce the message that “I Can’t Stop Loving You”.  Don’t be shy, don’t allow the customer to think “What’s Love Got Do Do With It”.  Make sure you have clearly identified “Who Wrote The Book Of Love?” and want to earn their business “Because You Loved Me”.

Make sure you share your successes because “I Want To Know What Love Is”.

Happy “Lovin’ You”,


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