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Luck or Hard Work?

Are successful people lucky? Or is their success a measure of hard work?

Does hard work really matter anymore?

One only has to look at industry news and lists of open positions to witness the sad fact that some people are just not willing to work, never mind even thinking about working hard for success.  It seems that many are looking for quick fixes and easy ways to get rich. Haven’t we all dreamed of winning the lottery?

I guess I can’t knock people for trying, but in my heart I’m old school, and my barometer for success has always included a list of things I wanted to accomplish in my professional life…. a career bucket list of sorts.  (And yes, I also play the lottery!)

Don’t get me wrong, luck has played an important role in my life and at times I was in the right place at the right time.  But those opportunities were accompanied by a lot of elbow grease, hard work, positivity of spirit, and sound ethical behaviors. 

There is a saying,

Hard work puts you where good luck can find you.

So when does “hard work” give way and when does good luck take over?  

In my humble opinion, these two concepts should go hand-in-hand for everything in your life!  Think about the personal interests you have nurtured from adolescence through adulthood.  Many of these interests (due to hard work) have morphed into skills and passions.  Have you always loved to sing, dance, knit, ski, play piano, or write poetry?  Do any of these skills/passions roll over into your professional life?  If not, why not?

Does it take luck to ensure success?  Maybe, but methinks it mostly takes hard work and dedication, and maybe a lucky break, to turn your skills and passions into successes.

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In the case of hotel sales (and most professions), success comes mostly in the form of hard work.  Creating your own luck by keeping skills sharp, staying on top of leads, consistent and dedicated prospecting, and constant and diligent follow-up is your four-leaf clover!  Some business will fall into your lap, but most business happens because you are out there creating your own luck. 

If you are in a book club or if you or your kids play competitive sports (for example), have you prospected your fellow book lovers or teammates/parents for business?  If you love to ski, shop, or knit, have you reached out to vendors and stores looking for business or meetings?  If you are in to acting, dance or music, have you reached out to theaters, venues, and studios to drive business to your hotel?  Channel your interests and passions to find business that makes you smile.

In addition to traditional sources of corporate and SMERF business, find an outlet for sales in places you love.  

That’s not luck – that’s hard work.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day,    


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