May Day: Day to Celebrate or a Cry for Help?

On Tuesday, May 1st we celebrate May Day.  It’s a sure sign that warmer weather is upon us and that summer cannot be far behind.  May Day is a happy day.  We pick and give flowers, we dance around May Poles, we dig out pastel colored clothes, and we start thinking of beach days.  Why then, do people in distress cry “mayday mayday mayday”?  Surely, they could have found a different combination of words to describe distress!

As a hotel salesperson, May Day is not only a great day to go out and thank customers with happy messages, snappy flyers, and flowers – but a great day to remind customers and clients that you look forward to working with them.  Think maintenance calls – pick a few of your best companies and make sure there are no “distress calls” in the making.

History of May Day

“Maybe there really was a time when America was more innocent.  Back when May Basket Day was a thing, perhaps.  The curious custom — still practiced in discrete pockets of the country — went something like this:  As the month of April rolled to an end, people would begin gathering flowers and candies and other goodies to put in May baskets to hang on the doors of friends, neighbors and loved ones on May 1.  Perhaps considered quaint now, in decades past May Basket Day — like the ancient act of dancing around the maypole — was a widespread rite of spring in the United States.”


May Day
Celebrate Mother’s Day and May Day

May Day is also a good opportunity to promote Mother’s Day weekend at your hotel.  Do you have a package, promotion or partnership with other hospitality-related companies?  Are restaurants near you offering buffet opportunities and willing to tie into to a weekend package at your hotel?  Do you currently partner with florists, spas, or wineries – other similar companies that might also be celebrating Moms?  Reach out!  Partner up – two voices are always better than one!

Whatever the reason, get out and celebrate May Day by visiting clients and eliminating the reason for distress calls.

Happy m’aider, help you!


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