Packages and Promotions – They Just Aren’t For The Holidays

My third blog ever written was about Packages/Promotions. (You can go back to the snapshot page of The Roomer Mill and scroll all the way to the bottom and re-read it if you want…..) Since then, I have touched on ideas for promotions, and as the holidays are approaching, I will yet again remind you that we should be offering specials to attract our non-corporate customer to stay in our hotels….. especially if you are a corporate hotel!

There are all kinds of opportunities for packages and promotions. Once you have taken the time to create something the biggest key is to “sell” it! If you are not selling these ideas, then why are you taking time to put them together. (Remember the saying about Moses and the Mountain, right?) Make sure your packages/promotions are on your websites and social media sites!

Holiday packages that encourage people to send their overflow to our hotels should be sent to all our corporate clients, included in sales kits, distributed to organizations and churches, as well as e-blasted to customers. What about asking HR directors in companies we do business with to post in their employee break rooms or distribute coupons with paychecks?

Romance packages should be given to all potential brides/grooms, past brides/grooms, florists, salons, spas, jewelry stores, bridal/tuxedo shops as well as wedding venues. They should be included in every sales kit sent to potential wedding couples.

Sports packages should be e-blasted and given to all teams that have stayed in your hotel as well as prospective teams. If your child plays baseball and travels, wouldn’t you like to have a special trip to go to a game?

Lastly, I ask you to think outside the box. If you are offering the same ole’ same ole’ then people will continue to think of you as same ole’ same ole’. Stand out in the crowd! For example, we all have Romance packages that include wine, chocolate and/or flowers. Nice, but bor-ing! What if you partnered with a local dance studio and included a certificate for Tango lessons (it takes 2 to Tango) and a romantic CD of Tango music? You could package the certificate with red roses and Spanish wine and maybe a book of romantic poetry. Personally – I could think of nothing more romantic!

What if you packaged up gift baskets and sold them in your market? Include a hotel brand gift card for $100 (to be used toward the rooms rate), items to complement the theme of the package (wine and chocolate, movies, beach, sports, spa, etc.) and them put them in a cute themed container and have them “for sale” in your market. (Add the hotel gift card at the time of purchase.) It might save a guest who has forgotten the anniversary/birthday of a loved one, a trip out to the drug store or mall to come up with something at the last minute – LOL.

Happy packaging!


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