Prior Plan-ning Prevents (P*ss) Poor Performance

Whether you call it the 4 P’s, 5 P’s, 6 P’s, 7 P’s or 10 P’s, it all means the same thing…. you must plan in order to properly execute your strategies.

I’m an Army Brat – the #1 child (birth order) – my Dad was a full colonel (career officer) and we were raised to be respectful, obedient, and honorable children.  This upbringing has been the basis of my growing up and professional adulthood and I am proud to say that (I think) I inherited many of my Father’s good traits.  What concerns me lately, is the fact that many of today’s up-and-coming managers/workers seem to be flying-by-the-seat-of-their-pants.  So many of our newest professionals entering the hotel arena don’t know the value of a good plan.  They’ve always had someone else to tell them what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and are easily distracted, seemingly trusting that they will be handed everything, rather than working hard to earn it.

My Dad was an advocate of the 6 P’s.  Subsequently, I inherited his love of “a plan”.  While you might think that spontaneity makes for a happier life, I am happier knowing about things in advance.  (This is not to suggest that I don’t do and like spontaneous things – it just suggests that the “big things” in our lives need to have a plan.)  Typically, I am the one who picks a date for an event, then backs out the steps that will ensure a positive outcome, and details the steps on a check-list.  There is one in every crowd and in this case, it is me.

Every day I am amazed that people don’t plan out strategy, activities, big social events, and their career objectives.  If you don’t have a written plan then you are bound to miss something (sometimes important), AND you run the risk of trying to accomplish everything in a frenzy.  You have a “bucket list” but you don’t have a plan!  These types of things are so much more enjoyable if you follow the roadmap and enjoy the process!  Now don’t get me wrong – you can “change” or “alter” a plan anytime time.  If it is working – GREAT…. if it is not, the REVISE THE PLAN!

From a hotel business perspective, I will always encourage you to look ahead and plan.  You can go back and read my emails or some of my blogs (linked in this blog for convenience) for examples of things that require planning.

If you haven’t thought of a holiday package or plan before the month of September,
you don’t have time to organize, confirm partners, price, and market the package!
If you haven’t picked a theme or date for your grand opening at least 90 days before the event,
you miss out on the good dates, the good vendors, and getting the word out!
If you don’t use good check-lists for your daughter’s wedding,
you might miss out on ordering the flowers from your preferred florist
with enough time for them to be the bouquet of her dreams!


Prior planning prevents poor performance: Create a plan and make a checklist!

Sales & Marketing Plans, written company strategies, to do lists, written schedules, trace files, and other things that keep you organized are paramount to a salesperson’s success.  Won’t you take time out and at least think about a plan…. start small and work your way up.

Happy organizing!


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