Quit Procrastinating! Pick Up The Dang Phone And Dial.

I watch people and their phones.  Everyone, from 8 to 80 years old is glued to the screen and cannot function without their phone in front of their face from sun up to sun down.  People walk and talk on the phone, people walk and text with their phone, people take their phones with them to the bathroom and to bed, people multitask everything while holding their phones …. so why is so hard for salespeople to motivate themself to pick up the dang phone and dial a customer? 

Sales are not going to happen unless you make sales happen. You can't make sales happen unless you try.  Just do it!  

I have suggested that every sales person schedule time in every day to do phone prospecting.  In this day and age when you are limited on how to find business, it makes sense to call anyone and everyone to try to find business.  Pick up the dang phone and then ask your contact:  how are you?  how is business? do you have any timeframe for when you will begin to resume at least some operations and travel?

I have suggested that every sales person schedule phone meetings, video call meetings, and zoom meetings.  In this time of physical distancing, phone and video chats are the closest thing to face-to-face you will get.  You must drive interactions with real people and since it can’t be in person, then it has to be digitally.

If you are not making prospecting phone calls and reaching out to your established customer base, you won’t know if people are traveling again – and to what extent.  

phone sales

Every sales team has probably now realized that corporate and group business has dried up.  Every sales person is now trying to tap into transient sales and finding those who are traveling and encouraging them to stay in your hotel.  How are you going to work the transient market?  You are primarily a group and corporate sales person for darn’s sake!

Localized travel is expected to return quickly fueled by post-lockdown cabin fever and the desire to experience something new. This domestic surge in demand will mean hotels close to key domestic gateways, such as regional airports or terminals, should prepare for growth in guest numbers. Hotels close to international airports, however, will likely continue to see suppressed demand for quite some time.  Don’t have any of these geographic features?  How about your location as it relates to big cities?  If you are a bedroom community to a large city, and your outbreak data is low and isolated, you can drive demand from larger cities to your small borough or town.  Keep up with your statistics and include your cleanliness protocols in ever touch point.  Change your profile picture to one where you are wearing a mask!

You must get creative.  I mentioned to a sales person the other day – quit looking for the big events and festivals and focus on what individuals and/or families would like to do and then sell to that market.  This will involve a close relationship with your social media provider and it will involve many, many more touch points to get conversion rates up.  Piggy backing on “small travel” is the key right now.  You can dream up all the packages, promotions, or reasons why to visit your city and hotel, but until you can get that information out to the masses, no one will be buying anything.

Give your customers a reason to look at their phones.  Let it be your face showing up when they look at the screen.  Smile | Dial | Book. 

Happy dialing for dollars,


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