Resolutions: Yeah or Nay?

Every year I make the same resolutions: eat less, exercise more, be happy, work hard, yada yada yada. I’m usually good for the first couple of weeks and then boom – something happens and I get off track. But every year, despite the set backs, I gather my thoughts together and set about again, proclaiming that I vow to do this or that and really make it happen this time.

So, with that in mind, and with all the best intentions – here are MY resolutions for a happy and productive 2014:

Be Happy
Look and feel good by improving my quality of life. Take time to say I love you to someone (or two) everyday. Hug people often. Never settle for one kiss – always take at least two. Enjoy my hobbies.

Be Healthy
Don’t go gaga – start slowly and purposefully. Be healthy. Make smart choices. Learn Argentine Tango. Try to sleep more. Instead of subtracting soda, sugar or fat from my diet, I resolve to add something like a serving of vegetables to every meal, protein to my snacks, or two glasses of water to my daily routine.

Be Social
Speak clearly and concisely. Make sure my listeners understand what I am saying. Get out and make friends and new clients/colleagues. Stay interested in others and avoid getting caught in my little world and my current circles.

Be Responsive
Don’t leave anyone waiting for information from me. Take time to think, but do communicate effectively and promptly. Follow up more often.

Be Creative
Think outside the box. Quit following the pack and lead. Take time to brainstorm. Celebrate “aha” moments.

Be Selfish
Do something just for me every single day. Resolve to set time aside for myself every day to exercise, relax, reflect, cook a gourmet dinner, eat ice cream, write in a journal, garden, walk my dog or do any other activity that takes my fancy.

Reward Myself and Others
Give myself credit and a pat on the back when I deserve it. It will make me happy and productive. Tell people when they are doing a good job.

Learn Something New Everyday
Strive to learn something new every single day. Read an article, discuss a new approach with a friend/relative/colleague, research what other organizations are doing. Don’t just go through the motions. Grow and develop every day.

Be Patient
Work steadily and patiently towards what I want to achieve making the most of every situation on the way, and taking a lesson from every experience, be it positive or negative. Take a risk…. don’t let any inhibitions hold me back.

Get Some Fresh Air
Breathe. Open the windows whenever possible. Put my face in the sunshine often. Drive with the top down on my car. Park a little farther from the door in parking lots, take a quick walk around the house at lunch, wake up 15 minutes earlier and read the paper by the pool.

Step Away From The Screen
Turn the TV off, leave the tablet out of my bedroom, and pick up a good book. Interact with humans in real time instead of through technology. Add more “face time” and less “Facebook time”. Write real thank you notes.

Stop Frivolous Multitasking
Stop eating in front of the TV, while on the computer, checking e-mails on the phone or iPad, and/or eating while driving in the car. I will make an effort to be present this year.

Choose A Personal Theme/Mantra
Easier said than done. But I am thinking about it. I plan to choose a word, write it down, post it where I can read it every day and make sure I connect with it on a personal level. This should help me with actions, behavior, goal-setting and life in general.

So there you have it. These are mine….. what are your resolutions?

Happy 2014!


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