Sales Mistake #1: You Do Not Have An Emotional Connection With Your Customer

“…. one in nine Americans works in sales.”

“Digging deeper, as it turns out – the other eight also work in sales….
pitching new ideas to the boss, trying to engage students, or
trying to encourage people to invest in your company…
we all spend time influencing others…..
in some way or another, we are all salespeople.”

To Sell Is Human – To Close is Divine. That’s the title of a book I want to write someday. Okay, it’s a little cliche, but think about the burst of endorphins you get when you get a contract signed, when you have a great meeting with a customer, or when you walk out of the client’s office after a very positive meeting! Your chest is out, you are smiling, and you approach the rest of your deal with zeal. That’s what I am talking about – the divineness of making emotional connections with customers.

So how do we fix “Sales Mistake #1”? Rather than focusing on how to close a sale, think about how you can open a relationship with your potential client. Positive, long-term relationships are the key. How many times have I said, ‘people buy from people they like’? I think if you go back to the 60 or so blogs I have written, and the numerous times I have noted this statement in emails or phone conversations, that you wouldn’t be surprised to know that this is the key to solving the mystery of salesmanship.

To take the ‘people buy from people they like’ phrase a step further – think about the other side of the coin, ‘we like people in direct proportion to how they make us feel’. Are you make of rubber or are you made of glue? We make emotional connections when we approach prospective clients with the mindset of being of service. This is the key…. if you go out of your way to match your customer’s needs, make yourself available, and monitor satisfaction (and take responsibility of something does happen), then you are on the right track.

You are in the people business and people require personal attention. Make them see that you genuinely care about them and you will change “Sales Mistake #1” to “Sales Success #1”.

Happy connecting!


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