Sales Mistake #5: You Are Not Authentic

“When we use scripted sales pitches, we lose some of our authenticity.”

“Hi, my name is Linda and I am calling you today with a great offer. Have you ever had someone say to you, ‘you need such and such a product because….’?” Telemarketing – talk about authenticity problems! I mean, I understand the concept – but the execution: most of the time it just doesn’t work.

Many of you will say, “but Linda – you tell us all the time to script ourselves for prospecting and sales calls.” And yes, I have said that scripts work. But what you are forgetting is that I also say to make a list of bullet points so that you don’t leave out anything, you keep yourself on track, and don’t wander off your point. I never said, read what you have written to the customer.

I still believe that every sales person ought to have a script/cheat sheet, no matter how seasoned they are, to help them through a variety of scenarios. These scripts should identify different selling opportunities: general introduction of product to new client, addressing resistance, comparing to your competition, share shifting, etc. But, you must translate each bullet point into your language, keeping it comfortable and phrased in the way you talk, and then refer to it only when you find yourself getting off point. You may never need to use it – but wouldn’t it be nice to have so you don’t get that uncomfortable silence during a call because no one knows what to say next and can’t get back on track? Wouldn’t it be nice if your sales pitch just rolled off your tongue with no uh uh uh’s while you figure out where you want to go?

How many of you put together a pre-call sheet when you are going out to visit a client? Do you have the key questions written down on your call sheet? If you don’t, you may find yourself back in the office saying, ‘crap – I forgot to ask Mary about that…..’ A pre-call sheet should also note any things that you have garnered from Google Alerts, the newspaper, social media, etc. that you want to recognize during the course of the call. For example, you read that the company has just announced that they are introducing a new product. Wouldn’t it be a great opening to congratulate the customer on this achievement?

Do your research, know your customers. Be authentic.

Happy verifying!


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