Sales Mistake #6: You Lack Humility

“It’s what we learn after we know it all that counts.”

Humility and pride are intertwined and often confused. My barometer is usually when someone says something to me and I am slightly embarrassed that I didn’t stop talking 5 minutes earlier. At that point I realize it’s time to back off a little bit, to get off my soapbox and allow the other person to speak. There is a huge difference between and know-it-all and a prideful (sales) person. That difference takes time to evolve and requires self-introspection and that is where humility needs to begin. “Humble people appreciate where they started and where they are today.”

I think it parallels the empathy part or our job. For example, do you say phrases like, “This is how you should have done it” or do you say “I fully understand why you would feel that way – if it happened to me, I would have probably reacted in a similar manner.” Words of Wisdom – Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and share their experiences – don’t preach. Are you “teaching” your customer how to do their job, or are you “probing for all the facts”? Your primarily job is to set your customer up for success so that their colleagues will congratulate them for a job well done. After all – we are the supporting cast here – not the stars of the show! “No matter how much expertise you have in what you are selling, showing a little deference for the client’s position, and for their own knowledge, is always a smart thing to do.”

People don’t want to hang around/work with the person who demands attention – they want to be part of the crowd where their opinion counts and their point of view is considered. Selling is a team effort. “People connect with, and trust, those who have humility.”

Happy staying humble!


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