Sometimes you have to get your Spock on before you do something Kirky

I loved Star Trek – the old one (although Jean-Luc Picard is a heartthrob in my book).  The idea of space travel and aliens gave life to a lot of my childhood dreams.

My favorite character was Dr. Spock.  Tall, dark handsome…. logical.   What you say?  Logical, an attractive feature?  Well, I certainly think so.  I like it when people take time to weigh out all the options, do their research and then make educated decisions.  These are the characteristics that make left brain buyers looks before they leap.  This to me is a marketers dream!

Kirk on the other hand.  He was a renegade.  He was all about the adventure and the passion of space travel.  He got his mission, used his brain and the knowledge of his crew, and then pointed the Starship Enterprise in the direction of space.  All in the snap of his fingers…. “Make it so.”  Kirk had to possess the characteristics of a right brain individual…. yearning, passion, freedom…. traveling for one reason – the love of all things good.

Today’s buyers use a variety of stimuli to help them reach decisions about anything – even when it comes to travel.  They are a combination of Spock and Kirk.  They logically plan big travel and then passionately execute the trip.

While many of you may disagree, and think that pleasure travel is all emotion, it is tough to rule out logic entirely.  For example, it would be logical if your family lived in Orlando and you lived in Memphis, to plan a summer vacation that included a trip to Disney.  Why not?   Make a logical decision and get emotional relief.  You simply tick off all the boxes.

But what about those whose people who love spontaneity?  They see a photo, read a blog or review and subsequently decide to take a weekend trip?   Why do they make buying decisions?

Head versus Heart
Head versus Heart

Marketers must always consider both left brain/right brain information and gear their plans in both directions.  Here are some examples on how to use both the “Spock-kind” and the “Kirk-kind” of marketing:

  • SPOCK-KIND – Develop a sales strategy for an event that happens annually.  Put the date on your hotel calendar and back out the times when you will target which market.  Use the theme of the event and blend it with your brand culture.  Create collateral, ads, and media in anticipation.  Monitor dates, rates and space each week with your revenue manager.
  • KIRK-KIND – Notice that this weekend’s weather is going to be perfect and create a social media post letting fans know that you have rooms available.  Post photography and links to activities that are happening in your area along with the weather report on all your social medias.  Send out emails to repeat customers who live within 1 hour driving distance to your hotel.
  • SPOCK-KIND – Develop a package that targets multi-generational trips.  Be sure to include activities for each age group in the family and target the collateral and imagery of the package to the primary buyers.  Use various forms of marketing to include e-blast, direct mail, ads, and face-to-face selling.  Target repeat guests and demographics.
  • KIRK-KIND – Develop an offer for road warriors and encourage them to bring their family on their next business trip.  Send package info out with all corporate proposals.  Include information about things to do weekdays for spouses and children, and things to do together as a family on weekends.  Make sure you identify the family-friendliness of your hotel and area.  If necessary, offer lower rates for pre- or post- business travel to lure them to stay.  Encourage spontaneity.

So, as you see sometimes you have to get your “Spock” on and do something “Kirky.”

Happy Treking,


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