Stand Out In The Crowd

Stand Out: Send a Spring Thank You

Customers often expect cards and gifts during the winter holidays, when your message is just one of dozens they receive. But they won’t expect a note sent off-season, such as in Spring or Summer. So go ahead, send a Thank You when they least expect it and you’ll truly stand out!

What a great idea!

I have a friend who does not send out holiday cards in December anymore. Her philosophy is “you get so many greetings around Christmas and people take those greetings for granted.” She prefers to be unique and send out Easter cards, or St. Patrick’s Day cards, or other “off season” greetings. Every time I get one of these types of cards from her, I say to myself – wouldn’t this be a great idea for our sales teams?

While I am not suggesting we abandon our holiday gifts and cards to our customers, I am advocating that we think about adding other mid-year dates to thank our customers. Imagine visiting a good customer and giving them a 4th of July gift or card.

Think “account maintenance”. This would be a great reason to visit our best clients 4 times a year.

Happy well wishing!


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