Going to be a super game

Super-Stay Me on Super Sunday

Ahhh, the #SuperBowl!  What a great day for football.  What a great day to super-stay your guests!  Do you have plans to celebrate “Big Game” Sunday at your hotel?  How are you going to add to the customer experience?

Super Game Sunday
Who will win? Your team or my team?

Whether you are a New England fan (me), a Philadelphia fan, or just a football fan in general, there is cause to celebrate in your hotel.  It’s no fun to watch the game alone.  Fans want to be with other fans cheering, booing, eating and sipping their favorite beverage.  Keep your guests in the hotel (even if it is only to watch the commercials).  Go the extra mile to ensure your guests a super stay!  If you have a gathering room in your hotel, there is no reason not to encourage your guests to come down and revel together.

The official game might be in Minneapolis, but there are super ways to celebrate in your city!

Plan, promote, and execute:

  • Start with a theme.  Brainstorm with your team and get excited.
  • Develop signage, welcome letters, or scripts and guests know what to expect from pre-game to kick off to halftime to after party.
  • Do football trivia every day this week to prepare and hype up your guests and staff.  (How many years is LII?  Who is the oldest player competing on Sunday?  Who is the halftime entertainer?  Who will sing the national anthem?)  Give prizes!
  • Plan the menu (keep it simple).  Bowls of chips and dips or popcorn, cheese and crackers, pretzels with cheese dip, nacho bar, hot dog station, sweets…. get creative, pick a few simple things but don’t go crazy!
  • Have your staff get excited by wearing a team jersey on Saturday and Sunday (or even all week – especially if your hotel is located in a competing team market). Walk the walk, talk the talk.
  • Change the way you answer the phone for the day/week!  “Thank you for calling the ABC Hotel – where every day is #SuperBowl Sunday” or something clever to show your excitement.
  • Make banners to use as team-building exercises – have a contest with your staff and display the finished products in the great room.
  • Arrange your great room so the TV is highlighted…. maybe bring in some comfortable furniture in addition to the traditional breakfast area furnishings and arrange it so people can enjoy the game in comfort.  Nothing says you can’t “borrow” a few comfortable chairs/sofas from the lobby or pre-function area for game time.

The goal here is to stand out from the crowd and show your customers a little bit of personality.  Make sure your hotel’s “Big Game” Starting Line-Up” is ready to show our guests that we want their business and will work very hard to earn it!

Happy rooting for your team!


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