Change is more than a few coins rolling around at the bottom of your purse

coin purse with coins spilling out

To inspire change from within, I subscribe to a “daily inspiration” quote site.  I am a firm believer in self-growth and self-care, all for the greater good of my psyche.  Wanting to change that within me that could be better, is a constant task…. one on my daily ‘to do’ list, and at the top […]

No Great Future Without Great Hope

Hope - Painted hands with world map and doves

The months of November and December are important times for those of us in the hotel business.  From an operations perspective, it is the time when we traditionally assess our year’s business and plan/budget for the upcoming year.  For the sales department, we typically look at our sales strategies and prepare for the following year.  […]

What’s The Temperature In Your Back Office?


What’s the temperature in your back office? No, I am not talking about your thermostat… I am talking about the climate of your culture!  Do you and other property leaders run hot and cold, or does your leadership temperature need to rise to a degree or two?  Or, are you an over-the-top, highly emotional leader […]

“Big Game” Starting Line-Up

"Big Game" Starting Line-Up

The “Big Game” weekend is about to unfold. “Big Game” parties have been planned, invitations are out, game colors are washed and ready to wear, shopping and preparation for the game-day spread are done, and people are looking forward to cheering for their favorite team!  Some fans actually care about the two teams playing, some […]