Do Packages And Promotions Sell During A Pandemic?

More important to the question ‘do packages and promotions sell during a pandemic’ is ‘should we even be creating and offering opportunities to travel when people are being encouraged to stay home?’ The message from the CDC to the general public is to ‘stay home’.  Yet, the hospitality industry is trying to reinvent itself and […]

May Day: Day to Celebrate or a Cry for Help?

On Tuesday, May 1st we celebrate May Day.  It’s a sure sign that warmer weather is upon us and that summer cannot be far behind.  May Day is a happy day.  We pick and give flowers, we dance around May Poles, we dig out pastel colored clothes, and we start thinking of beach days.  Why then, […]

Salesmanship… Walking The Line Between Marketing and Sales


We all need to sharpen our salesmanship skills to not only keep pace in the market but to win the battle amongst our competition salespersons.  In January, I wrote a blog entitled “Is Selling Just Marketing or Is Marketing Selling?”  After reading the blog and (hopefully) evaluating your own sales process, did you make any adjustments […]