Anatomy of a Sales Call

sales call anatomy

Dissecting a sales call is easy:  Actually performing the dissection is the hard part.  My advice:  First, use your head, then follow your heart, listen to your gut, and lastly, move your feet!   Engaging all parts of your anatomy will not only sharpen your sales skills, but will emphasize your humanity! You all will (I’m […]

Quit Procrastinating! Pick Up The Dang Phone And Dial.


Quit Procrastinating! Pick Up The Dang Phone And Dial. I watch people and their phones.  Everyone, from 8 to 80 years old is glued to the screen and cannot function without their phone in front of their face from sun up to sun down.  People walk and talk on the phone, people walk and text […]

Prospecting For Gold And Sales Success

Prospecting for business

Prospecting might seem outdated, but rest assured it still is an integral party of the sales process.  Any salesperson worth his weight in the sales arena knows that they must prospect for new business to be successful.  If you are not prospecting as part of your daily tasks, then you might as well be spinning […]

Google Alerts… Free Sales Prospecting Tool

Digital news, Google alerts

Do you have Google Alerts set for all your customer companies?  What about companies you want as your customers? One of the biggest advantages a salesperson has is his/her knowledge of the market and customer base.  Knowing everything about your clients is imperative to relationship building.  If you know the “latest and greatest” about your […]

Leaders of the Pack – Motivating GSRs to Gather Wool

Lead Generation

Every person who walks through our front door is a potential customer and our Front Desk staff is an integral cog in the sales conversion process. Face it, there is someone at your desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and if we are not training these very valuable associates in the lead […]

Measure Twice, Cut Once – The Value of Planning Ahead in Sales

While I am not a “carpenter”, I have often thought this to be sage advice and applicable to most any task worth doing right.  I’d like to think that I typically do look first, and leap later.  I’ve found that one seems to get into trouble when moving too fast and not really thinking things […]