Do Your Sales Efforts Spark Joy?

organization spark joy

Marie Kondo, self-proclaimed queen of the phrase “does it spark joy?“ recently told the press that she has more or less abandoned her organizational missives due to the fact that her three children are now taking up all her time and she has no time to stay organized.  She says that she’d rather spend time […]

Meeting Rooms: Sometimes you meet; sometimes you learn

meeting rooms

Hotel meeting rooms are becoming obsolete.  So why do we keep building them, renovating them, and hiring people to go out and find companies and organizations to use them? I recently read an article that suggested that hotel designers and hotel sales people need to be more creative, both in construction and in their sales […]

De-Cluttering Your Brain = Improved Selling Power

Movement = improved thinking

Some days my brain actually hurts from data overload.  I stare at my computer waiting for a brilliant idea to surface, or trying to come up with a solution for a sales challenge.  The more I try to focus on the issues at hand, the more my eyes cross and the more my head hurts. […]