Storytelling: Your ‘Once Upon A Time’ Story

Storytelling. Little Red Riding Hood and BB Wolf

In my previous blog Storytelling:  Salesmanship or Fantasy, we explored the Value Story for your company.  In this blog, we will continue to understand why the Founder’s Story is important and how entrepreneurs use story to attract money, customers, and talent. According to Kindra Hall, author of Stories That Stick, every business has a story […]

Don’t Fall for it. It is the Season for Sales.

Fall is the Season for Sales

My Daddy always said, “if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” I am taking advantage of this “first day of Fall” to focus on salesmanship and getting your customers to choose you over the competition.  And, since there are many “fall” references and play-on-words opportunities from quotes, motivational sayings, and fun […]

What’s The Temperature In Your Back Office?


What’s the temperature in your back office? No, I am not talking about your thermostat… I am talking about the climate of your culture!  Do you and other property leaders run hot and cold, or does your leadership temperature need to rise to a degree or two?  Or, are you an over-the-top, highly emotional leader […]

Salesmanship… Walking The Line Between Marketing and Sales


We all need to sharpen our salesmanship skills to not only keep pace in the market but to win the battle amongst our competition salespersons.  In January, I wrote a blog entitled “Is Selling Just Marketing or Is Marketing Selling?”  After reading the blog and (hopefully) evaluating your own sales process, did you make any adjustments […]

Body Language. Getting The Upper Hand In Sales

Body Language

Your body language is an important and integral piece of the salesmanship puzzle.  The right body language will exude confidence. (Please watch this Ted Talk about Body Language and it’s role in the sales process.)  The wrong body language will put off buyers and send the wrong message.  It’s not all about what we say, but […]