Selling Your Personal Brand

Free for use under the Pixabay Content License.Image by June Aye from Pixabay. Sell your personal brand with phone selfie.

Selling your personal brand is the first step in building a sales relationship.   Knowing yourself, your brand, your brand culture and standards will make you YOU, and a successful sales person. So, how do you get there?  Here are a few suggestions! Be Authentic The first step is to “be authentic”.  Don’t put on a […]

Salesmanship… Walking The Line Between Marketing and Sales


We all need to sharpen our salesmanship skills to not only keep pace in the market but to win the battle amongst our competition salespersons.  In January, I wrote a blog entitled “Is Selling Just Marketing or Is Marketing Selling?”  After reading the blog and (hopefully) evaluating your own sales process, did you make any adjustments […]

Is Selling Just Marketing, or is Marketing Just Selling?

There is often confusion as to whether a good salesperson is actually selling or whether they are just wandering around the community marketing their hotel and hoping a sales contract drops in their laps. In order to try to specifically define the difference, I called on my old friend Wikipedia to help me with the […]