birth of a blog

The Birth Of A Blog….

In the past, my MO has been to “cut and paste” sales tips and training tips from experts in the industry, then send them out to our company’s sales and management staff. These tips range from simple one line messages, to articles that require you to sit down and focus on a topic. While I think everything I send out to you is valuable and worthwhile – I also realize that the audience for different topics varies because of the very nature of our portfolio of hotels.

I was communicating with a good friend of mine today who shared his love of creative writing and I thought to myself – “Self – you like to write, you know what you are doing, you have some good ideas, so why don’t you try writing some of this stuff down and share it with others.”

After a very little bit of research (I googled, “How to start a blog”) I found that I could create a blogspot very easily and use it as a vehicle for my communications.

Now (I hope), you as the audience can simply select which topics you are interested in reading without cluttering up your in box. You won’t have to “print” out the ones you like and put them in a file or notebook – you can use my table of contents as a virtual file cabinet so to speak.

So notwithstanding the obvious, here we go…..

Happy Selling The Sizzle!


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