The Early Bird Gets The Worm

Event Networking: Practice 24-Hour Follow-Up

In-person networking is still an important way to grow your referral network. The key is quickly turning those new contacts into active connections in your network. Do this by practicing 24-hour follow-up. Reach out to new contacts within a day of first meeting. Mention the specifics of your conversation and recommended next steps. And don’t forget to let them know you’ll be connecting to them online through referral communities like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Manta.

Today’s tip – while it appears we are just talking about “events” this suggestion really applies to all aspects of the sales process. Practicing 24-hour follow-up on all inquiries and leads is paramount. Many of you may say – I have soooooo much to do that I cannot oftentimes get back with potential guests during that timeframe.

My tip – YOU NEED TO MAKE TIME and respond within 24 hours.

I equate this dynamic principle to the real estate market (which I am intimately involved in as my house has been on the market since July, 2010). In the olden days, back when it was a seller’s market – it was common place to let the potential buyer “sweat it out for a while” so that you didn’t seem over anxious or desperate. Today, that is not the case. If I don’t immediately respond to any offer – then that buyer is going to look down the block for another house and I lose out.

The same thing holds true for your buyers. Think of the adage “the early bird gets the worm” and pursue any business that is knocking at your door immediately. If they are knocking on your door then they probably are knocking on your competitor’s doors as well. You need to get there first!

Happy calling!


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