“The Power Of Advice”


Follow this link (or copy and paste into your browser) to watch this short film (11:15).  It is well worth the eleven plus minutes it takes to view the interviews with some of the top hoteliers in the world.

Some of my “light bulb” and “aha” moments were:  (paraphrased)

‘Gut is the muscle memory of the experiences you gain over time, of making the right and wrong decisions during your career.’

‘Gut can be honed by balancing with your experiences.’

‘Make sure your advice is not all about you.’

‘Advice has to come naturally – you have to be empathetic to the situation.’

‘Understand what you don’t know and where to go to fill in the blanks.  Sift through the advice you get and balance with experience.’

‘You can’t be successful if you don’t respect that other people have knowledge that you can use to be more effective.’

‘Seek advice from the people you have surrounded yourself with….be approachable, be humble… then it is not lonely at the top.’

‘Make someone think outside the place they think they are in.’

‘Listen then digest to make yourself stronger.’

‘It is one thing to get advice.  It is another to take it.’

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