The Power of Love

The power of love is a curious thing.  Some celebrate with their true love.  Some celebrate the love of family.  Some celebrate the love of food and beverage.  Some celebrate their love of the game.  And, some just choose to celebrate, leaving the gates wide open.  

In 2017, Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday….. not so good for our hotel romance package sales.  Do you offer your packages and promotions the weekend before, the weekend after, on the exact day, or do we celebrate all month?  Each individual hotel has to choose how important this holiday is to their hotel and their destination.  If your hotel is primarily corporate based, there is always the opportunity that one could bring their loved one on their business trip (if they know in advance) and if the hotel creates the environment for couples and the celebration of true love (which needs to be organized in advance).  If your hotel is destination based, creating an open date package or promotion for families is always an option.  Are you partnered with a restaurant or venue that has a Valentine’s Day special… if so, then there is an opportunity for cross-promotion on February 14th.

Whatever you choose to do – you need to get it in place NOW.  You might even be behind your competition.

If you choose NOT to go the route of romance but choose to celebrate, why not celebrate your “love” for your customers?  Set out bowls of Conversation Hearts, Kisses on the front desk.  Print folios in red.  Give out valentines with key cards.  Sales people should customize a Valentine flyer to take on sales calls.  You don’t need an offer or a discount – just recognize the day.  Host a manager’s reception with themed food and/or beverage.  See if there are local “Love”, “Heart”, or “Passion” named food or beverage venues locally and feature them.  (For example, in Lincoln, NH you will find One Love Brewery…. I bet your community has something similar to capitalize on!)

No matter how you choose to celebrate #Valentine’sDay – make it something your guests will remember.

Happy showing your love,


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