Like A Dog

Work Like A Dog For Sales Success

I have two puppies – one “acts like a dog” and one “works like a dog”.  Both are successful in winning what they want out of me (sales success so to speak) and each dog has a different sales approach to get my attention, love, and/or treats.  Both puppies have distinctly different personalities and traits even though they are litter-mates. 


Like A DogMy babies! LouLou on the left and Bacchus on the right.


Like a dog
Bacchus – acting like a dog.

One of my dogs (appropriately name Bacchus after the God of Wine) (my idea) is a slug.  He is the alpha in the relationship and wants your attention 100% of the time. He lolls the hours away napping and being waited on, insists on being the center of attention, is always looking for food and affection, and longs to be carried around in my Mom’s arms 24-7.  He truly “acts like a dog” and if he were a salesperson…. he would be content to simply meet his goals.


Like a dog
LouLou – working like a dog.

 LouLou is his polar opposite.   Named after me (my Mom’s idea), she is active, fun-loving, and has the drive of the Energizer Bunny!  She is relentless in her pursuit of pleasing us, won’t stop chasing and retrieving the ball or a toy, and is the cuddle and kiss giver of the two.  She demands nothing except for me throwing the ball a million times and is content to wait her turn.  She “works like a dog” to achieve her goals; and, if she were a sales person…. she would achieve sales success in everything she does.








So what do my dogs have to do with sales success?  Why should you be “working like a dog” instead of “acting like a dog”?  Here are my rewards’ analogies:


Unconditional Love – If you “work like a dog” to make your customers happy, provide the info and data that they need to satisfy their needs, – they will love you!  If they love you first, you can train them to come when you call.

Unlimited Belly Scratches – Now I don’t advocate to actually try to “scratch your customer’s belly” (or anything else for that matter) but you can satisfy their need for your product by being timely,  complete,  competitive, and by being their friend.  Theoretically, you will be “scratching their belly”.

Treats – Reward your customers by providing them with a great product, great service, and constant attention.  These are the best treats you can give your clients.  They might even give you their paw.


Like a dog
LouLou and Bacchus


Working like a dog in sales has a purpose.  Here’s the barkology:  If you keep sniffing, pawing and barking at their doors – you’ll eventually find the right customers for your hotel.  If you keep nosing around the neighborhood, you’ll surely find a friend.  And, if you continually mark your territory, you’re customers will find their way to you, and your competition will be negated!

Happy Being More Like LouLou!



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