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You’re Engaged…. Congratulations!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

OK – so it’s a couple of days early, but I do want to wish all you hotel lovers a great day, and maybe a few quick, last minute sales ideas to celebrate your customers!

In the olden days (and maybe even still…. I don’t have kids so I don’t really know), we went to school with a box full of little valentine cards for our classmates. I remember the excitement when my Mom would come home with the box and we painstakingly addressed the cards to our friends and went to school to exchange them. One year, I actually remember cutting out hearts from red construction paper, taking Kleenex and cutting each tissue into strips and then pleating and glueing the gathered Kleenex strips around the edge of the heart like ruffles. The final touch was a little candy bar taped to the heart. These valentines were given to “special” friends. What a treat!

The article I have captioned below – actually made me think a little about last minute Valentine’s Day wishes that we might send to our customers. (The article is trying to sell you something and I am not advocating their services – I am just taking their ideas to another level). Could we not do a special “Let’s Get Engaged” type of e-blast, impromptu delivery of cookies or candy, or some other communication to our potential partner companies or groups?

For example, say you are currently in negotiations with a company to sign an LNR contract, or a group event. Create a clever flyer for that company/group with a Valentine’s theme and list all the great reasons why this company or group should get “engaged” to your hotel! Yeah, it’s kitchy, yeah it’s different, but I think you might stand out in the crowd for your ingenuity. Other sales managers are going out to companies to drop off valentine cards, boxes of conversation hearts, a red rose, or something boring. By doing something different, we could offer our guest an opportunity to “say yes” to your proposal today. Offer an incentive for closing the deal on VD by giving them a free night before their event to use personally. Something different. Something clever. Something thematic!

Happy engaging!


P.S. You still can put bowls of chocolate kisses, or packages of conversation hearts out on the front desk on Friday….. get heart stickers for folios or receipts, or even a valentine for everyone checking in or out on Friday with a special offer for their next visit!

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